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* Bottling technology + supplies

For whom?

* For all branches

* For Startups and growing producers

Conveyance pump with steplessly regulatable motor speed. For use with the pump head ´L´and the impeller.

Oil , watery solutions, milk, low-viscous sirup

volumetric dosage by means of a gear-pumphead

- pumphead detachable and easy to clean

- Capacity up to 17 l/min

- Motor-speed infinite variable

- self-priming up to 1 m (depends on the medium)

For products with high viscosity is an adapter 302046 with 2:1 ratio needed.

A palette will be specially made for your bottles. Maximum bottle size will be up to 50ml.

The Fill up 2+ with gear pump head "M" for micro dosage:
- very precise
- super compact
- easiest operation
- gear pump head "M"

Fill up 2+ Visco with impeller-pumphead

Filling the medium with the ´grease pressing technique´ from the 10 l funnel  and a floating lid.

For filling cream cheese, cremes, fats,... .

Combination of the Fill up 2+ visco with our large peristaltic-pumphead "L" (302025).

You can start filling straight away.

The Fill up 2+ liquid basic set for filling many liqiuids of low viscosity like aqueous solutions, vegetable oil etc. from a viscosity of about 150 mPa*s and a filling temperature of approx. 5-50 °C.

For higher temperatures up to maximum 95°C, the special hot filling gears article 302021 are required.

Please have a look at the data sheet for further specifications!


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