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Combo S-L


Combination of the Fill up 2+ visco with our large peristaltic-pumphead "L" (302025).

You can start filling straight away.

Article Nr.:  301013
Price:   On request

Delivery time 1 week
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Examples for products to bottle:

Liquer, spirits, propolis-solution, vegetable oils, watery solutions, perfumes, liquid synthetic resin, paints, acids, some solvents, cleanser with abrasive particles, ink for printers, essences of herbs, aromes


The  peristaltic pumphead was designed for i.e. acids, bases, delicate oils, agressive chemicals , aromas...

- your product is only touching the hose

- therefore only the hose has to be cleaned

- while filling the medium is transported very gently

- the bottling of chemical aggressiv, abrasive or sterile liquids is possible

- for every single of your products can be filled in it´s an own hose, therefore the change of the products can be done very quickly and without the danger of contamination from one product to another.

- filling hot is no problem


Disadvantages of the peristaltic pumphead

- the filling process is a little pulsating, which causes some splashing or foaming

- WHAT TO DO: use a filter nozzle; slow donw the pumping power; use the ´ramp´- function in the menu (it will slow down the start and/or finshing speed so there will be no foam or spashes


Technical data

Materials of the hoses:

- Suction hose: silikone fabric reinforced

- hose insoide the peristaltic head: Silicone (other materials on request for special aplications)

- inner diameter of the hose: 15 mm

- wallthickness of the hose inside the pumphead: 1,6 mm

- capacity / volume flow rate: 5 Liters / minute max.

- dosing precision: +/- 0,3 %

- Fill Up 2+ Visco (Art.Nr.: 301044)

- Peristaltic pump head "L" for fill up visco (Art.Nr.: 302025)

- Stand (70 cm hight), with 20 x 40 cm profile (Art.Nr.: 303006)

- Silicone fabric hose Ø 14 x 4,5 mm (Art.Nr.: 304044)

- Intake cage Ø 15 (Art.Nr.: 306059)

- Foot-switch with 5-pin-plug (Art.Nr.: 303029)

- Wedge nozzle, inner Ø 15 mm, soft quality (Art.Nr.: 306012)

- Pipe socket Ø 10 mm, 50 mm length (Art.Nr.: 306068)

- Wedge nozzle, inner Ø 10 mm, soft quality (Art.Nr.: 306011)

    - Silicone hose, inner Ø 13mm (Art.Nr.: 304017)

    - Silicone fabric hose Ø 14 x 4,5 mm (Art.Nr.: 304044)

    - Wedge nozzle, inner Ø 15 mm, soft quality (Art.Nr.: 306012)

    - Mesh-nozzle Ø 15 mm (Art.Nr.: 306034)

    - Combo S-L (Art.Nr.: 301013)


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