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Palette-conveyor set , custom-made


A palette will be specially made for your bottles. Maximum bottle size will be up to 50ml.

Article Nr.:  301051
Price:   On request

On request
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The palette conveyor set is constructed for automatic inline- filling of tiny flasks and bottles. With our 4- or 6-channel peristaltic pump head several flasks can be filled at a time.

The bottles/flasks will be put in the custom made palette and transported to the filling pipes. Several bottles/flasks will be filled at a time - line after line.

The bottles/flasks can not fall and using a palette, makes the organisation, transportation and the filling of many bottles/flasks quick and easy.

By using our machine Fill Up 2+ in combination with the 4- or 6- channel peristaltic pump head, the machine works economic, quick and is still a very compact machine.



301047   - Fill Up 2+ liquid drinving module

302035   - 4- or 6-channel peristaltic pump head ´peris´

302007   - adapter for peristatltic pump head (on driving module Fill up 2 visco, AISI 304)

304074   - accessory set Ø 3,2 mm hose

303040   - optical sensor

308085   - palette (custom made) - for palette-conveyor set


- Power adapter 230 V (Art.Nr.: 307014)

driving module:

- Fill Up 2+ Visco (Art.Nr.: 301044)


- Gearbox for peristaltic pumphead for fill up 2 visco (Art.Nr.: 302007)

Peristaltic pumphead:

- Peristaltic pump head ´peris´, 4- or 6-channels (Art.Nr.: 302035)


- Accessory set Ø 1,6 mm hose (Art.Nr.: 304071)

- Accessory set Ø 3,2 mm hose (Art.Nr.: 304074)

- Accessory set Ø 6,4 mm hose (Art.Nr.: 304072)

- Accessory set Ø 8 mm hose (Art.Nr.: 304073)

Palette for the bottles:

- Palette (cutsomised, from POM) - for palette-conveyor set (Art.Nr.: 308085)


- Optical sensor (Art.Nr.: 303040)

- Accessory set Ø 3,2 mm hose (Art.Nr.: 304074)


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