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Filling the medium with the ´grease pressing technique´ from the 10 l funnel  and a floating lid.

For filling cream cheese, cremes, fats,... .

Article Nr.:  301011
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The product will be filled into the funnel/hopper. The floating lid is pressed on top of the product-surface by hand, until all air is pressed out . While the product is pumped with the gear-pumphead towards the filling-nozzle/filling-pipe, the floating lid (with its circumferrential seal slides down in the container with the product. In that way, the container will be emptied completely and without air-bubbles in the product.

The paste-like product leaves filling-pipe on the bottom and will not flow freely into the jar. It has more the shape of a sausage. In order to fill the jars without of air-bubbles, the jar has to be moved while filling- in the vertical direction as wel as with circular movements. Adapted to the jar-size we can manufacture pipe-diameters from 40 mm down to 10 mm or even below. Please tell us your needs!

The electronic is dosing the product with the accuracy of +/- 2 Gramm (e.g. at a filling-quantity of 500 grams). The bottling-amount is adjustable in 1 g-steps from 5 gram until 35.000 grams.

Our machines are designed like a construction kit. You can combine any other components (like pump heads, funnels, hoses or nozzles) with your machine, to fill up other products with different viscosities.

If you are interested, please fill out our inquiry form . From the information we will make an individual offer for filling your product.

enclosed components:

- Fill Up 2+/250 (Art.Nr.: 301059)

- Gear pump head "L" for the Fill Up Visco, POM (Art.Nr.: 302001)

- Stand (70 cm hight), with 20 x 40 cm profile (Art.Nr.: 303006)

- Holding plate 10l funnel (Art.Nr.: 303144)

- Support plate for 10l hopper (Art.Nr.: 303148)

- Foot-switch with 5-pin-plug (Art.Nr.: 303029)

- Funnel/ container, 10 l (Art.Nr.: 305032)

- Floating lid for 10 l funnel/ container (Art.Nr.: 305033)

- Filling pipe with flange, Ø 25 mm, 100 mm length (Art.Nr.: 306043)

- Flange sealing gasket (Art.Nr.: 307004)


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