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Filling - Profi Line

Autor: SaW
Datum: 2015-12-15


* Bottling technology + supplies

* Custom-built machines, big serial machines, adjustments etc.


For what/whom?

* For all branches

* For industrial use

* For medium-sized, professional bottlers

* For producers with special requirements

Filling - Startup Line

Autor: SaW
Datum: 2015-12-15


* Bottling technology + supplies

For whom?

* For all branches

* For Startups and growing producers

Api - Modern beekeeping

Autor: SaW
Datum: 2015-12-15


- Bottling technology and supplies

- Beekeeping technology (Inverto, evaporator …)


For whom?

- for beekeepers and small food manufacturers

- for private and non-industrial use

Company relocation - Details

Autor: S. Mende
Datum: 2012-11-02

Now we can finally get down to details!

The relocation takes place in the period from 01.11.12 - 07.11.12.
During this time our company is completely closed!
Please note that there will be no production and shipping during this time, but we´ll try to answer your urgent support requests by email. We hope for your understanding.

Our new address and phone number from 08.11.2012 as follows:

Stefan Weiland Produktservice
Leipziger Straße 33
01097 Dresden
Tel: +49 (0) 351-89 66 91-00
Fax:. +49 (0) 351-89 66 91-99

Your Nassenheider team

Company relocation

Autor: S. Mende
Datum: 2012-10-16

Our company is growing bigger, that´s why we have to expand and move with our workshop and office to a larger facility.

Please consider, that we work with limited recources
from about week 44 until week 45.

At this time it could be that we can´t serve your needs immediately and hope for your understanding.

New homepage!

Autor: S. Weiland
Datum: 2011-01-13

You are already surfing on our brandnew homepage!

It has been programmed with databanks. This helps you to navigate much better and to find all our products. Unfortunately not all our products and documents are uploaded yet, this will follow in the next days.

Our "wishlist" is also new. By mens of it you can buy or inquire our equipment very similar to a "real" onlineshop.

We wish you much fun with us!


Autor: S. Weiland
Datum: 2011-01-07

Quietly, globally, billions of bees are being killed off threatening our crops and food. But a global ban of one group of pesticides could save bees from extinction.

Since banning this poison in four European countries, bee populations have soared. But chemical companies are lobbying hard to keep their killer pesticide on the market. A global outcry now for a ban in the US and EU, where debate is raging, could provoke ripple effect around the world.

Let’s build a giant global buzz calling for these dangerous chemicals to be outlawed in the US and EU until and unless they are proved to be safe. Sign the petition to save bees and our crops and send this to everyone:

Goldener Stachel 2010 an Bruno Becker verliehen

Autor: S. Weiland
Datum: 2010-12-07

Der "Goldene Stachel", die höchste Ehrung des Deutschen Berufsimkerbundes wurde im Rahmen der Süddeutschen Berufs- und Erwebsimkertage 2010 an Bruno Becker verliehen. Damit wurden seine Verdienste um die Entwicklung des NASSENHEIDER Verdunsters und sein unermüdliches Streiten für eine moderne und sichere Behandlung der Varroose gewürdigt.

Die Erfindung Bruno Beckers legte den Grundstein für die Marke "NASSENHEIDER" Imkereitechnik.

Weitere Preisträger waren  Bernd Dany (Bienenwohl) und Dr. Klaus Wallner (Api Life VAR). Allen Persönlichkeiten ist gemeinsam, dass sie alternative Varroabehandlungsverfahren erfunden und auf den Markt gebracht haben. Sie mussten während der Entwicklungszeit und teilweise bis heute für ihre Errungenschaften mit Verfolgung seitens der deutschen Behörden rechnen.

Verleihung "Golderner Stachel" 2010

von links: A. Bruder, B. Dany, MdB V. Kauder, B. Becker, M. Hederer

EU increase support for the beekeeping sector

Autor: S. Weiland
Datum: 2010-09-14

The European Commission has approved on 14 September the national programmes of the 27 Member States to improve the production and marketing of apiculture products for the period 2011-2013. The EU contribution to the financing of the programmes has increased by almost 25% compared to the previous period (2008-2010), from € 26 million to € 32 million per year.


Read more at:

Wik-Bee Leaks: EPA Document Shows It Knowingly Allowed Pesticide That Kills Honey Bees

Autor: S. Weiland
Datum: 2010-01-04

Please read the following documents about the poisonous Clothianidin, which seriously harms bees. Fortunately these documents appear to the public nowadays and show how our governments really work:


Autor: Susi
Datum: 2009-10-14

Die Erweiterung unserer Geschäftsräume ist geschafft! Jetzt haben wir mehr Platz für Produkttests im neuen Testlabor. Wir müssen nur noch einräumen. Dafür sowie für die Inventur nebst interner Softwareanpassung nehmen wir uns Zeit bis zum 08.01.2010. Ab 11.01.2010 sind wir wieder mit ganzer Kraft für Sie da.


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